Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sleepy - 2010 is nearly finished.

The year is nearly at an end. I should have just one marathon left, but it's not likely that I'll be able to get there. The last couple were good though. A couple of weeks ago was the Portsmouth Coastal. This did what it said on the tin: a very pleasant jaunt along the coast with sea views. Admittedly I am easily pleased, but it was good to be out running (I took this one gently with Rob as I had been feeling poorly all week and he had dodgy achilles). It was an out and back course and it was surprising how many of the other folk I knew. There really are a lot of peopled who keep turning up at these things week in, week out. A very colourful medal at the end plus free food too.

Then after the snow, I did the Bournemouth track marathon. That's 105 laps plus an extra 195 metres. It was rather good, well organised by Steff and not such a tough mental challenge as I'd thought (though I still think I prefer 100 miles to 100 laps) with lots of lapping going on, so plenty of chances to chat, albeit briefly, with other runners. The snow underfoot made it quite hard going, plus the antibiotics for the chest infection didn't really seem to be having any effect, but it was great to see people and the track was quite open so there were almost kind of country park views. One chap said he was going a bit slowly as it was his 20th this year. (I did the quick mental calcuation - it was my 59th this year. I didn't tell him that.)

On the way home, I met a rather good snowman at the end of my road.I'm still hopeful of one more long run this year, but there are plenty for next year anyway. Happy running everyone.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

3 weekends

I haven't blogged (blug?) for ages, for no good reason since the last 3 weekends have all been most enjoyable.

On Friday 19th November we took the train up to Newcastle to spend a weekend with my parents. Always good and we went for a pleasant (if damp) walk near Rothbury, finishing in a bizarre little pub that seemed to be in someone's living room. There was another room off to one side where they sold postcards, save-the-squirrel pencils and reindeer sparkle. On the Sunday was the Town Moor Marathon (it would have been churlish not to, since we were in the area...) which I ran the first 7 miles with Paul (who is blind - we used a dog-chew-toy-like thing) but I managed to let him fall over and he had to pull out after the first lap and a half. I ran the last few laps catching up with various people so it was all quite social really. Meanwhile Jim went with my folks to the HMS Ark Royal (as it was conveniently docked at South Shields before being decommissioned).On Friday 26th we went down to Brighton. It was possibly the best weekend this year (and there have been some excellent ones). Jim had decided to whisk me away for a birthday treat and he kept producing gifts (from entertaining novelties to some seriously cool and shiny stuff) throughout the weekend. I really like being by the sea and have always liked Brighton. We spent the whole time grinning like idiots, while also eating and drinking lots, strolling along the pier, visiting the museum, getting lots of, er, exercise, enjoying the light snow, running along the prom on the Sunday morning and just generally being happy.

On my actual birthday it was the first day we had snow in London, so my run around the Heath was extra pretty. A nice bonus.

The weekend just gone was supposed to involve the Luton Marathon, but it was cancelled. Fortunately a friend organised an alternative event for those of us needing our fix. So the Bletchley Enigma Marathon was 7 laps around a lake on a beautiful crisp and sunny morning, with all the usual suspects in attendance (nearly 40 in all). I don't suppose I'd have finished 2nd lady at Luton.