Sunday, 17 October 2010

3:53 again

When I entered Abingdon (albeit late) I was thinking I might try for a PB, since it's notoriously a fast flat course. After being told Iwas 57th on the waiting list, I assumed I wouldn't get in, so was pleasantly surprised when my race number arrived a couple of weeks ago. But having finally had my poorly lungs diagnosed as a chest infection last week, I figured I wasn't going to push it after all.

There were loads of people I know there so it was always going to be a pleasant day out. I actually started off at 8 minute miling for a few miles, but then realised that, while my lungs feel like they're on the mend (a relief that the antibiotics seem to be kicking in at last), I just wasn't in the mood for a fast one. So I eased off and ran at a far more enjoyable jog for the rest of the course. (Final time was 3:53, which is the same as last week.)

There was a brilliant Fetchpoint, which we went through twice. I wasn't in Fetch colours today, but saw their balloons before being loudly cheered through by name. (One advantage of being current member of the month on Fetch is that they recognise me even in my Vegan club vest.) The course had some reallly cute villages, a couple of short stretches of trail (I missed nice long trail runs!) and some less attractive industrial estate sections. Fantastic marshaling though and a great atmosphere. I was super-proud of Heather for running a sub 3:30 and there were a lot of other excellent performances today too. I was very surprised to find Dick Kearn jogging along - a road marathon?

A very enjoyable one. A good thing too, as I'm not running an event at all for the next two weekends... will I remain sane?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A run is fun but in Leicester it's bester

Disclaimer - the title of this blog was chosen by Jim.

A very pleasant weekend. Actually, I felt really rough on Saturday, but am seeing a doctor on Monday in the hope that they might be able to sort out my custard lungs (which still prevent me from breathing while doing mundane sitting-about tasks, yet allow me to run - seems odd).

Anyhoo, I took the train up to Leicester on Saturday evening where I stayed with a fellow Vegan Runner and her very cute cat. It was her first race (no, not the cat's) and she was doing the half marathon. We headed to the park this morning in nice cool weather and found loads of familiar faces there. It's a pretty big event though the vast majority seemed to be doing the half route. A very good atmosphere and a well marked course with clapping, cheering marshals at every turn.

I was watchless. My Garmin is actually Jim's (to replace the one I carelessly tossed in canal earlier this year) and I'd left it with him for his training run (that's right - Jim is training - for next year's London Marathon no less!). Needless to say I have ordered a Garmin for myself, but it hasn't arrived yet and I forgot to take any sort of watch with me. That was fine as, given how dodgy I was feeling, I had no intentions of worrying about pacing. The start is downhill which always encourages a foolishly fast first couple of miles. Then it's mostly flat with some undules. It stopped being so pleasantly cool and warmed up quite a bit in the sunshine. Past some pretty lakes in a park and the Space Centre (which looks like a rocket sitting in a weirdly-shaped transparent bouncy castle). I enjoyed the run and managed to get my first sub 4 marathon since the 10 in 10 back in May. Nice, but I'll take a slower countryside ultra for preference any day!

I met some Fetchies that I'd heard of but never previously met in the flesh, always good. Also met a follower of my blog, who I ran a few miles with - how did you get on today John? And there were a fair few 100 club folk in attendance, with it being Bob's 100th today.

And I was home while it was still sunny and early. I like running. I might have mentioned that before?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Happy Trails

Last weekend we went to the Cartoon Museum in London - we only heard of it recently and it's worth a visit, even if it's not quite as good as the one in Brussels.

Then on Sunday I ran the Great Clarendon Way Marathon. It actually was pretty great too. Lovely trail course from Salisbury to Winchester, with lots of signs and friendly marshals to guide the way. Always a good atmosphere. It rained for the first 15 miles (yay!) but unfortunately I'm still not feeling well so found it hard. Managed to enjoy the scenery (and lots of mud) all the same. I even got a special little plate thing at the finish for having completed the event 5 times. Definitely one to keep on the calendar.