Sunday, 11 January 2009

Running (or should that be jogging?)

So, it was a surprise that my first blog wasn't about running. 

I managed to get a lot of miles in over the holidays (about 145 in 2 weeks), helped along by spending time in Keswick, where the views were stunning as I jogged along. Ok, so I didn't make much use of the hills, but running by the lake was lovely.

My first ever ultra run is on Saturday, so hopefully all the effort will be rewarded with a relatively comfortable 45 miles form Wendover to Little Venice on 17th Jan. It's called the 'Country to Capital' and the number has two pictures on it - one of a tractor, one of the Houses of Parliament. See what they did there? I start tapering this week, with only three short runs planned and lots of pasta to eat. 

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