Monday, 8 June 2009

Ooh, a trophy!

I ran the Northants Ultra yesterday. Officially 34 miles, though everyone had over 35 on their Garmins...

It was a nice course, about half road, half off road, running between several stately homes in the shires. Some of the terrain (but fortunately only a little bit) was that really cloying sort of mud, but mostly it was good. Some nice tracks and fields, punctuated with quite a few stiles.
I ran with Audrey, another great Fetchie. It was her first ultra and she was a little unsure about the navigation. As it turned out, the map was generally not too hard to follow, but there were places where we had to use the compass to convince ourselves we were going in the right direction. Which we were most of the time, thanks to a good team effort. The worst bits were where the map clearly showed a track (red dotted line) but in real life there was no sign of trackyness. So that slowed us down a bit, as did some of the steeper hills, but we were pleased to finish in under 7 hours. Even more pleasing was that we finished in joint 2nd place (female) and got trophies!

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