Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The misnamed Tanners Hatch Marathon

Well, they call it a 'marathon', but it's 30 miles long. I like long, but I'm not so keen on hills. Box Hill in particular, one that I hadn't been on since childhood, was particularly viciously steep. I mean, it's Tuesday now and my calves are still aching... The downhills were worst, as at least the steepest ups we did had steps.
But having said that, it made for yet another lovely day out in the countryside. There was some very hot sunshine, but also pleasant shady parts and even a couple of very welcome spots of rain.

Loads of people I knew there so another social one. Very slow though - 7 minutes over 6 hours (which is a longer time than my 40 mile PB, despite this being 10 miles shorter...). And the certificates were the same for everyone, congratulating us on 'completing on foot a 30 mile course within 10 hours'.
I have another hilly 30 miler later this month so it'll be interesting to see how the times compare...

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