Sunday, 11 October 2009

A marathon is just over a quarter of 100 miles

I wasn't sure it would be wise to try to run a marathon the week after my first 100 miler. But then, most people would say running 100 miles in the first place wasn't wise...

So I booked a place at the Leicester Marathon, just in case I felt like a nice long jog this weekend. Turns out I did (was it ever really in doubt?). By last Wednesday my legs felt fine and just my feet were still a bit sore. That's good enough for me.

I met several Fetchies at the start in park and more people I knew along the way. It's a pleasant enough course, along lots of countryish lanes and through some parks by a lake and a river. We also went past the space centre, which looks like a transparent plastic inflatable builiding with a rocket in it. Cool. I took it nice and easy, walking up some of the hills. My right leg felt a bit iffy at various points (my right foot is a bit dodgy, but it translated to a soreness in the ankle, calf, knee, thigh and butt cheek, kindly alternating which bit hurt throughout the run.) That's what ibuprofen's for, no?
I finished in 4 twentysomething. The Tshirt is women's fit and long sleeved which would be great if it wasn't white. The medal's nice though. Plus I didn't eat my finisher's banana, so I can have that at coffee break tomorrow. Who says I'm easily pleased?

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