Sunday, 11 July 2010

Nudity, new phone & of course a marathon

Don't worry - the nudity wasn't me. It was just some random fella I encountered while out for my pre-breakfast run on Thursday. It's not every day you find a chap running in the nip through the heath. I had a brief chat with him & discovered he just liked to run about with no clothes on every now & then. Fairy nuff.

I was planning to write this from my shiny new iPhone on the train on the way home from today's marathon, but I hadn't realised I needed an app for it first. Next time then.

So it was a very warm and pretty trail route through the Kent & East Sussex countryside in some top 100 club company. LDWA instructions including 'cross broken/listing footbridge' and 'cross dodgy stile' which I thought were nicely honest descriptions.And tomorrow I head off on another D of E jolly on the South Downs to round off the college term. My job is sweet.

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