Sunday, 19 September 2010

Canaltastic - day 2

Another pleasant jaunt along the canal today. It finally feels like my cold is easing off, but I was still pretty tired this morning. There was less sun and a brisk headwind, but I managed to be only 9 minutes slower than yesterday. Good enough for 3rd lady (another trophy!) - though the woman who won hadn't done the previous day - seemed almost like cheating, starting the race with fresh legs. ;-)

Still, I was chuffed to come in 6th overall for the 58.6 mile double. Not bad recovery from last week's exertion.

We got room 132 at the hotel on Saturday night. After my 132nd marathon/ultra coincidentally. But then the room wasn't ready so we got moved to 125. (A prime cubed, so I was happy enough with that.)

Another most enjoyable weekend organised by the jolly nice Rory & Jen at ULTRArace.

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