Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy New Year!

We went to visit my folks in Newcastle for a few days last week. It was still snowy (on the ground, not falling) and we briefly saw my sister, though my bro and his family stayed the whole time. It's hard not to do the stereotypical auntie "my, haven't you grown?!" thing, but really, my nieces are are 11 and 13 and both nearly as tall as me already. We had the inevitable mountains of good food, plus pleasant trips and walks out, including to a very slippery Durham. They'd been up to the Lake District and had some great photos of a completely frozen Derwent Water showing people walking, skating and even cycling on its solidified surface.

Now I don't want to say my lungs are fixed yet (but I am hopeful). I spent over a week in bed and even missed a marathon in an attempt to get well. Then today I went to run another lovely Enigma marathon round (and round and round...) the lake in Bletchley Park. I jogged the first half then made sure I took plenty of walk breaks to keep my lungs happy. 4:22 was much quicker than I'd expected. And so far, I feel good.

So, back to work tomorrow. 2011 is a prime number. I like that.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    We met (briefly at the start of the Marriot's Way run last November). Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am currently living in Málaga, Spain.
    I ran the Málaga Marathon in December (and got a PB :o)).

    You mentioned the Country to Capital was your 1st Ultra (I used to live in Wendover and love the trails around there).

    Can you recommend an ultra this summer? (I return to Norfolk in May) and prefer running off road.

    Take it easy