Thursday, 24 March 2011

A different type of clanger

I'm a fan of Oliver Postgate's Clangers, but apparently in Bedfordshire a "clanger" refers to a particular type of pie. I think it usually contains a combination of meat and fruit, but they made a special vegan version just for me, with veg and apples. An odd but tasty treat. Thanks Sylvia! This was eaten after the Bedford Clanger run, which was a pleasant marathon looping around Bedford, predominantly off-road. Really well organised by Noel, who's raising funds for Brathay as he's running the 10in10 this year.

Last Saturday we went to see Rango. Fantastic! The best non-Pixar CGI film I've watched. I'm pretty sure we enjoyed it far more than any of the kids in the audience, as the owl mariachi band had us in fits right from the start, then again every time they appeared to narrate. Johnny Depp makes a very cool chameleon too. We followed this with exceedingly good pizza. A great way to spend the day.

On Sunday I was in Sevenoaks for a 30 mile run around the Kent countryside. It was sunny and pretty and had lots of my friends there, making for plenty of laughs and general tomfoolery. I suppose serious running very rarely happens to me anyway. No pressure for time, just gently trotting through fields, mud and woods, up hills, along tracks, over stiles... yep, it was an LDWA event. It made a perfect antidote to the current busyness at work.

All good training for a European jaunt this weekend, provided I can negotiate a speedy trip across Paris in order to catch a train to get to the start on time...

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