Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Catching up

Been meaning to add to this blog for ages - just looked and see it's over a year since I last posted. So, a few notes to catch up to present date:

I joined London Frontrunners in March 2012 as first claim club (still with Vegan Runners and 100 Marathon Club as 2nd claim). I've continued to be plagued by injury - mainly hip flexor and related niggles I guess - preventing me from doing as much running as I'd like. I checked my spreadsheet and  I've only done 20 marathons/ultras since I last posted (plus a couple of 10K events with Enrichment student groups from college).

Running highlights include going to the Stort 30 organised by Lindley, meeting up with 100 Club members and other running mates, doing my 200th marathon at one of Foxy's Enigma events (where Steve Edwards was celebrating his 500th sub 3:30 marathon), going back to do Country to Capital again and doing one of Dave & Linda's run around the reservoir events. I ran in the Paris marathon at the weekend - always a pleasure to run in one of my favourite cities. I feel I should write more about some of the events above and others that I've missed out, but this blog would go on and on if I did that...

I moved house - still in North London - and am about 5 miles away from college, so the journey to work is usually a run or cycle (I sold the motorbike).

I was part of the organising committee for the Pride Run 10K. It was fascinating to see a race from the other side. I'm on board again for this summer's event too.

And finally, my big brother has entered his first marathon - Shakespeare. It would be churlish not to join him... though he'll be way ahead of me, going for sub 3:45 while I pootle round at a more leisurely pace.


  1. great to see you blogging again and also a brief hello at the Round the reservoir in Northampton a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I am happy too that you blog again!

  3. I am also happy that your blogging again :) and even happier that your running again