Friday, 27 March 2009

Charity Updates

I received an email from the Kashmir Education this week, saying that

..."the third quality school (BANJOSA VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL) of KEF opened on 24th of March in the remote village of Banjosa. Lovely children with smiling faces were the first intakes of class prep and class 1."

The money I raised by doing the '7 runs on 7 Suns' challenge went towards building this school. Jim's school raised further funds for Banjosa by having a non-uniform day.

Also, back on the 13th, I received the following in an email from Animal Aid: "The income from the sponsor form is £10,796 so far.
The target for an Outrage insert is £12,500, and £10,796 at this stage means this should comfortably be achieved. Given the current state of the economy, this is very good news indeed."

It's good to see that being sponsored to run has a real impact. I almost feel guilty taking money for doing something I love, but then the money's not for me so I guess I should just ask for more! Actually, I probably challenge myself more when I know it's for charity than I would otherwise, so I do get something very positive out of it personally too. It's currently looking like the '10 Marathons' Challenge may well end up being closer to 15 for example...

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