Sunday, 1 March 2009

Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon

I did the Cambridge Boundary Run marathon today. Being a geeky mathematician type, when I saw the elevation profile I wasn't at all bothered about the 'hills', as I looked carefully at the scales on the axes. And rightly so as the course was lovely and flat, with only a couple of minor undulations. I thought it was going to be a road run for some reason, so was pleasantly surprised that it was predominantly on trails.

The surface was mostly good, though there were a few muddy areas and several styles to cross. It was good weather for it too, though I'd have liked a bit of rain really. Then again, the route was marked with some paper signs on lamp posts and flour arrows on the ground, so rain could have been a bad thing for navigation. As it turned out, I got lost only once (faring better than some people!), for just over half a mile near mile 23. We were given maps and instructions to back up the arrows so I was able to retrace my steps and get back on course fairly easily.

Overall it was a nice day out and I met up with several runners I already knew and met a few more I'll most likely see at future races too. I didn't manage to get a decent picture of me with the race T shirt, hence the eyes-shut pic here.

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  1. Good Chatting to you yesterday. Thanks for the Vegan tips. Hope to see you at a few more races during the year.