Monday, 16 November 2009

A pleasant jog by the seaside

No really, I mean it was just a 10K. The Brighton 10K is a lovely event and one to which I was proud to take 29 sixth form students this year. They had trained over the past few weeks as their 'enrichment activity' at college (this involved several sessions in the park where I stand around with a whistle and a stopwatch while they do some drills, intervals, hillwork, speedwork etc).

We took the train south the day after the stormy weather, which was pleasantly cool and calm. We just had time to drop our baggage before getting to the start line. The course loops back on itself a couple of times, so I took the excuse of jogging around gently, cheering on my students, as well as any other Vegan Runners and Fetchies that passed by in the opposite direction. The fastest of the students took just over 46 minutes, the slowest were just under 90. But they all finished and were pleased with their achievement. They were being sponsored to raise money for Children in Need or other charites of their choice. We all wore Pudsey-style bandanas to foster a team spirit (and to help Jim identify who to take photos of).

After the race we went our separate ways. Jim and I went for pizza, then drinks by the beach.

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