Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tring 2 Town - I still like ultras!

So, just a quick post now that I'm home after my second ultra. It was 40 miles along towpaths form Tring to Kew, though apparently the course was under-measured: I'm not sure by how much, but maybe up to a mile or two. That's annoying. 

It wasn't quite as much fun as the cross country route a fortnight ago, but it was surprisingly fast for me (even taking into account the short course). I don't have my official time yet, but it was around 6 hours 5 minutes I think, putting me in third place (female) and twelth overall, out of 40-something starters.

The photo isn't very flattering, but it was taken within minutes of me finishing, so what should I expect?!

Oh and I fell over. Twice! The first time (at about 14 miles) was quite hard and drew blood on my right knee and elbow, both of which had two layers of clothes on. But I got up, limped a bit to check I was ok, then got straight back into my rhythm. The second fall was onto a bigger surface area of me and a softer landing, so not so bad. This was only a couple of miles later! I've got a good bruise developing on my knee now.

And I still like this ultra lark. Roll on my first 50 miler on Saturday...

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