Monday, 31 August 2009

Dorset Doddle

After the fantastic week away in Paris, I had no plans for the next couple of weeks. That includes no marathons. The first running-event-free weekend was nice enough, but just felt a bit wrong. So I found a short ultra to do the following weekend (23rd August).

The Dorset Doddle is not a doddle. It's 32 hilly miles along the coastal path from Weymouth to Swanage. Constantly up and down, with nasty steps on some of the rises. The hills were so steep that it was hard to walk, let alone run, up and down them.

But the views were fantastic. And it was a lovely day out in the sunshine. I had planned to take it easy, as I was supposed to be tapering before my upcoming longest ultra. So I finished in just over 8 hours, having thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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