Monday, 17 August 2009

Old Sarum

Apparently Old Sarum was the old town (now just a few ruins on a hill) that eventually became Salisbury. It was just above our campsite and made for a pleasant short run on Saturday morning, then was the first hill of the course of the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Trail Marathon. (So called as it incorporates 5 rivers, 4 hills, 3 stately homes, 2 castles and 1 cathedral.)
Jim and I had a lovely couple of days in Salisbury, with drinks by the river in the sunshine, then on Sunday I met loads of folk I know at the start of the marathon. It was too warm for me but a pretty route. Too many roads for my liking, but the trail parts were great. A slow one at 4:45:42, but I really enjoyed it, taking it nice and easy.So that was supposed to be the last long run before Ridgeway at the end of the month, but having had one weekend off and it feeling too odd, I've found a short ultra to do next weekend.

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