Monday, 17 August 2009

We really like Paris

Ah, Paris! Going to Paris with Jim is always fantastic. We spend the whole time grinning like idiots. Some may say we're just easily pleased...
We rarely use a map as we know the city well now, but still manage to find a few things each trip that we haven't done before. This time, they were 1: going to Butte Chaumont, a park in the North East of the city with a few hills in it affording great views of the city, including seeing the Sacre Coeur from a new angle. 2: A visit to the Musee des Arts et Metiers,with plenty of geeky old stuff, including some planes (Bleriot's) in an old church. Good use of the building we thought. 3: A visit to Versailles, the palace of the 'sun king'. It was very big and shiny, with a lake in the huge gardens. We hired a boat and Jim rowed me about in true gentlemanly stylee.
Of course in the mornings I took a run along the Seine (and Jim even came with me a couple of times) and we went to enjoy all our usual haunts throughout the week too. I expect we'll go back next year then, especially as we forgot to go to les egouts (for the sewers tour)...

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