Sunday, 3 January 2010

3 days into the year? Time for a marathon!

The 100 Club AGM Handicap Marathon follows a 5 lap course, starting at an athletics track in Bromley. I like multiple lap courses and this one was pleasant enough: mostly road but also a bit of track and a farm with a big dung heap to run round. It was pretty flat too.
The handicap times were calculated from our last 7 road marathons. My avaerage time was 4 hours 21, giving me a start time of 10:09am. It was quite odd to set off alone on a marathon, though I was caught up by the chaps who started at 10:10 after a couple of miles. By the third lap there were plenty of us out on the course so it felt a little more sociable.
There was a lovely atmosphere despite the cold (though it was sunny with only a hint of sleet for a short while), with lots of friendly, familiar faces. I'm not sure of my final time, but it was a bit faster than my average, which seemed like a good start to the year. The medal has the 100 Club logo on it and really looking forward to being able to wear the 100 club gear, hopefully in May.

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