Monday, 11 January 2010

Old Snow versus New Snow

There's a definite difference. Yesterday was a marathon on old snow that had been sitting around in the cold for a few days. It made it very hard going. At the risk of sounding like British Rail, I decided it was 'the wrong type of snow'. Fortunately I had the excellent company of Heather, plus the pretty scenery, to make it a top day out anyway. (And several other great Fetchies to chat with before and after too.)
This morning was entirely different - a 9 mile jaunt on a fresh layer of new snow. Easy peasy! Well maybe not, but it's only an interesting variation of the usual terrain, rather than anything excessively demanding.

So, I guess I'm hoping for the snow to disappear entirely, or for fresh snow to arrive just before this Saturday's 45 miler.

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