Sunday, 17 January 2010

Getting out in the country

This time last year, the Country to Capital 45 miler was my first ultra. I really enjoyed it, so went back for another go yesterday. It was easier this time in that I had the confidence of knowing I could do the distance, but harder in that the terrain was far muddier, slushier, icier and wetter. The first half, cross country, was beautiful. The second half, along the canal, seemed like good training for the GUCR in May.
I ran with Heather, so enjoyed lots of chatting along the way, as well as meeting several others that I knew throughout the day. Not a fast time (about 8 hours 43), but it was Heather's first run at the distance and we both have doubles booked for next weekend, so thought we'd take it at a gentle pace. The race T-shirt is a rather nice proper wicky one and the medal is different this time too.It was definitely good to be out doing stuff as otherwise I would have sat about feeling sad all day. Our gorgeous black cat Schrodinger had been unwell and seen the vet several times over the past week. We finally had to put her down on Friday evening. It was (and still is) very upsetting. The only slight consolation was that she had a steroid injection on Thursday evening and spent a very happy day with Jim on Friday, purring away and enjoying lots of attention. RIP Dinger.

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