Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pictures from day 9 and 10

So Jim brought his camera up to the Lake District and captured a few moments from the last couple of days of the 10 in 10. First up is me finishing day 9:After which I had an ice bath in the horse box.But the time passes quicker if it's shared (Chris obliged on day 9).We were introduced to the other runners on Sunday, up on the lawn near the finish, before heading down to the start for the final time.The first 6 lead out...
And of course the first back was Adam, with a new 10 in 10 course record and a new men's World Record. This boy is amazing.David was impressive throughout with sub 3:30 every day.
Steve had a pose all prepared with the Body Rehab girls,
Ray brought in the Irish charm,and Foxy grabbed a beer as he finished.I came in 6th, in a women's World Record time,shortly followed by the lovely Chris with his fastest run of the ten.Naomi looked very happy to have finishedand Jim followed soon after with his big Scottish grin.Michelle and Phil hobbled in hand in handand Aly arrived with the Welsh flag to round off the ten.We were all presented with our lumps of slate, a bottle of wine and a book by Lake District running legend Joss Naylor.
A very special event to be part of. Happy days.


  1. A fantastic record :)
    I have nearly 500 pictures from Days 9 and 10, Anna. I'll try and get them 'up' somewhere to look at and you are welcome to any that you want.

  2. Crikey, I wasn't even there and those photos gave me wet-eye.

  3. Anna, I ran Brathay just the once on Sunday (it was my first marathon) and I just have to say how in awe of you I am. You are so inspiring I can't even articulate it properly in words.

    As a fellow vegan I just have to thank you for disproving every one of the common myths about veganism; that we can't be fit, that we're all weak and lacking in protein, that we can't dominate endurance events. In fact I've referred every one of the naysayers I know to your blog so they can read about how strong vegans can be. I'm so happy that you're promoting vegan awareness and demonstrating what fantastic athletes we can be.

    Good luck with your next endurance challenge, not that you'll need it!


  4. Anna - a selection of the Day 9 and Day 10 pictures I took.
    I have LOADS more of you too. Let me know if you would like any full size ones